Dear Gifted Girl,

On December 9, 2016 — the 13th anniversary of when I taught my first bible study lesson — we softly launched the Gifted Girls Collaborative. This is simply my way of making sure we know who we are and that we are not alone. 


I am thrilled to unveil the next phase. It’s been in process for the last three or so years. Now, we are released to build the community. 

What Does That Mean for You?

Well, keep reading the blogs. But now, I want you to share them. I want you to expand yourself and encourage another FEMALE FIVE TALENT SERVANT. 

I am excited to share as Holy Spirit leads, and address the topics you request. We are not alone, no matter what our feelings try to convince us at times. 

If you are new to us, then read the previous “Dear Gifted Girl” posts. Be encouraged. Together, we can balance our strength with emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness. 

We received five talents from the Lord, and it is to Him we are accountable for making them ten talents (See Matthew 25;14-30). 

Prayerfully consider building this community with us. 

Take a look at the PowerPoint for more information: Introduction to GGC

Love you all to the moon and beyond!

God’s Gifted Girl, 

Shaunta D. Scroggins, M.Ed.