The Good Shepherd (National Cathedral Reflection)

I posted several photos on this D.C. trip with the Ed. D. and Ph.D. cohorts. This one, though, I reserved for you.  This is the Good Shepherd Chapel at the US National Cathedral. It was the last stop as I followed the signs from the Bethlehem Chapel all the way through to the Resurrection Chapel. … Continue reading The Good Shepherd (National Cathedral Reflection)

Notes from a Holocaust Survivor (Reflection)

The tour guide gave us identification cards to read as we traveled through the Holocaust Museum exhibits. The ID card shared information of one person who endured the horrific experience, and at the end, we learned if "our" person died in or survived the holocaust.  It turned out that "my lady," Susan Taube, lived. In … Continue reading Notes from a Holocaust Survivor (Reflection)

Shoes – Holocaust Museum Reflection

We had a debrief between the Ph.D. and Ed.D. cohorts this evening, but I wanted to save the shoes for us. I wanted to post a record of raw reflection on my experience at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I wanted to share the three things that left me soul-stunned...with you. To give each … Continue reading Shoes – Holocaust Museum Reflection

War: Dead, Missing, Captured, Wounded

The war memorial I made a beeline for, and at which I took more pictures, was not what I thought. All this time I thought it was the Vietnam memorial because of the statues of the soldiers. Today, after the fact, I learned that it was the memorial to the Korean War. WOW.  Things look … Continue reading War: Dead, Missing, Captured, Wounded

The Teddy Bear on the Line (reflection)

Loved ones, when you see the teddy bear on the line, stop, stand, see, and let the message of the moment come to you. Do you know that feeling of shock-and-awe when a statement stands out, grabs your attention, and stops you in your tracks? Today I want to share a couple of statements from … Continue reading The Teddy Bear on the Line (reflection)