The Move of God for YOU (reflection)

Good day, Royal Ones. [It is a blessing indeed to share a thought with you again. Trust, I am full of thoughts, but also pursuing obedience through this doctoral program. I think of you all often and do not cease to pray for you.]  You know, I used to thank God with fervor in my … Continue reading The Move of God for YOU (reflection)


Everything Heals When We Talk to Him

Good day, Royal Ones.  I'm back in school and as soon as I get a handle on my schedule (which shouldn't be too long), I'll resume the Judah-Levi-Tribal Identity lessons.  Right now though, this is just an encouragement to keep praying and receive healing. In between reading assignments my current breaks include tea and a … Continue reading Everything Heals When We Talk to Him

Dear Jaded Intercessor,

jaded adjective  jad·ed  \ˈjā-dəd\ feeling or showing a lack of interest and excitement caused by having done or experienced too much of something ( Dear Jaded Intercessor,   The time is soon coming when you will breathe again, without that weight on your soul. You will get release and relief from the current season's pressure. You will have … Continue reading Dear Jaded Intercessor,

The Preexisting Prophetic

Prophets need to know where "home" is... it is in God.  All prophets have a "power combination" or a set of disciplines that works for them in a crunch, under pressure or when their backs are up against walls.  prayer praise worship fasting writing painting, dancing, or other arts Every prophet knows how to get … Continue reading The Preexisting Prophetic

The Stubborn Prophetic (Jonah reflection)

Jonah is an example of how prophetic gifts can turn on us when we operate contrary to God's heart. Read Chapter four.  We can rightly see and perceive judgment coming. And we can see sin continue so long without what we deem is divine intervention, that we desire judgment to hit a person or people. … Continue reading The Stubborn Prophetic (Jonah reflection)