Behold, I am going…and I will say (#CrownShine)

You know, restoration and recovery are amazing words. We may declare them with mental assent, but there's such depth beneath the surface. God's ability to bring us back from ruin and ashes... His method of healing us to where weakness becomes memory is nothing short of supernatural. The man who said, "Behold, I am going...and … Continue reading Behold, I am going…and I will say (#CrownShine)

On the Eve of Obedience (reflection)

In the next two weeks I will host my first Annual Fall Class. The topic is Bodily Intercession. This morning I thanked the Lord for His faithfulness as I prepared for my classes, and I realized I felt some kind of way. What I used that phrase before I meant something not so pleasant. But … Continue reading On the Eve of Obedience (reflection)