The Path to Value (general reflection)

A conversation with a friend sparked the idea for this post. She accepted an invitation to use her gift at an event, and saw quickly the drain of her time and contribution. She battled with giving the benefit of the doubt and "not judging." But it was clearly not her best investment of time and … Continue reading The Path to Value (general reflection)

The Preexisting Prophetic

Prophets need to know where "home" is... it is in God.  All prophets have a "power combination" or a set of disciplines that works for them in a crunch, under pressure or when their backs are up against walls.  prayer praise worship fasting writing painting, dancing, or other arts Every prophet knows how to get … Continue reading The Preexisting Prophetic

What About Your Vocation? (reflection)

We hear several buzz words in the local church today -- purpose, destiny, mission, and vision. It is unlikely that we hear vocation...ever. When you can, conduct a Parker Palmer search from the home page at He talks about vocation and how to come upon it in his book Let Your Life Speak (2010). … Continue reading What About Your Vocation? (reflection)

The Stubborn Prophetic (Jonah reflection)

Jonah is an example of how prophetic gifts can turn on us when we operate contrary to God's heart. Read Chapter four.  We can rightly see and perceive judgment coming. And we can see sin continue so long without what we deem is divine intervention, that we desire judgment to hit a person or people. … Continue reading The Stubborn Prophetic (Jonah reflection)

The Disobedient Prophetic (Jonah reflection)

Disclaimer: Any identification with the following is not coincidental. The Lord just decided to confront with principle and truth. There is no personal "attack." Ultimately, He works in us both the will and the to do of His good pleasure. This is an attempt to inspire us toward HIS good pleasure again.  For thou hadst … Continue reading The Disobedient Prophetic (Jonah reflection)