Containment Protocols (Esther’s Call)

Dear Candidate, I prayed for you. Well, I prayed for US. I prayed that God work His will and providence in our stories. I prayed for Ahasuerus to submit to the trouble and experience God. I prayed that we hold fast to Mordecai's revelations and teachings...and stay in place. Then, I prayed God teach us … Continue reading Containment Protocols (Esther’s Call)

The Esther Effect, pt. 2

Esther's model relies heavily on God's timing, and encourages alertness and consistency in reigning. Our "shake-and-bake" (or quick, fast, hurried) approach to Scripture causes compression in the events of her story (when real events unfolded over time). But, by the time she steps up as her people's intercessor, Esther is several years into her reign as queen. This one … Continue reading The Esther Effect, pt. 2

The Esther Effect, pt. 1

Esther is not the model for the overachiever. She represents self-confidence, not personal effort to overcome inferiority complexes. Reigning in life as Christ's ambassador means impact -- His through us, not our own works. We cannot escape Christ's purpose in coming for and to us. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy … Continue reading The Esther Effect, pt. 1