On Lending and Borrowing Money (#20somethings)

Good day to you, my young sisters. It occurs to me today to share this thought with you, and hopefully encourage you to redeem, rescue or protect your discovery decade. LENDING MONEY I am less cynical about lending money -- not because I have only good experiences to report, but because the nature of all people … Continue reading On Lending and Borrowing Money (#20somethings)

Capacity (reflection on our limits)

I've got one verse. That's it -- just one verse. It's a popular verse, and usually misquoted when I hear it. This is the verse that began my soapbox with biblical integrity and accuracy. It's the verse that presses play on Pastor Rod Parsley's voice in my head from years ago, "You can't just read … Continue reading Capacity (reflection on our limits)

Hyper- (#20somethings)

Hi Ladies. Just a quick thought. The sooner you can name your hyper-, the sooner you learn to manage it and it not control you. Hyper-? Yes. Here's the definition (Merriam-Webster Online). above • beyond • super- • excessive • extreme In casual speech, we can say about another sister that she's "extra,"" "too much," or … Continue reading Hyper- (#20somethings)

The Idea of a Thing (Power of Perspective)

Dear 20-something Sister, Your faith walk carries power when you know what to do with facts.  Let hope fuel your faith, not inspire denial because of the intense desire to see change. People grow, yes, but not all people change. It is better stated that all people have the potential to change. They must want … Continue reading The Idea of a Thing (Power of Perspective)

Refuse to Play the Game (#20somethings)

Hey Ladies. There is a game we play -- people in general -- where we punish people as a response to not getting what we want. It is mean-spirited, self-destructive and does nothing for personal growth or the growth of relationships. It sucks the life out of people. And what's more, the temptation to play this game never goes … Continue reading Refuse to Play the Game (#20somethings)