Ready to Play?

Dearest Royal Ones,  We get plenty of time -- it depends how we look at and honor time, of course -- to discover our purpose, and then to practice. The hesitation and the fear are the result of not making the most of the time we received. This is to encourage us all to serve … Continue reading Ready to Play?


All In (#GiftedGirls reflection)

There's a video clip circulating of service at The Potter's House where Bishop Jakes and the worship team sing and declare, "Whatever it takes, I'm all in!" It is powerful, and could very well help any of us through the rest of this year. Then, I had a conversation with a lady in my doctoral … Continue reading All In (#GiftedGirls reflection)

Stay on Course (#GiftedGirls #Q2)

Dear Gifted Girls, The temptation to do good can also be a distraction from what is GOD. When it comes to our talents (See Matthew 25:14-28), opportunities to build, develop and multiply what He puts in our hands are always around. Q1 REVIEW Three months already gone this year, and I see the need for … Continue reading Stay on Course (#GiftedGirls #Q2)

At the Mercy… (#GiftedGirls)

Dear Gifted Girl, You are not at the mercy of your memories. You have the ability through Christ to #reignwell and conquer where He placed you. You are at the mercy of the limits you place on yourself. We are at the mercy of the limits we place on ourselves. Not our memories. Not our … Continue reading At the Mercy… (#GiftedGirls)

The Path to Value (general reflection)

A conversation with a friend sparked the idea for this post. She accepted an invitation to use her gift at an event, and saw quickly the drain of her time and contribution. She battled with giving the benefit of the doubt and "not judging." But it was clearly not her best investment of time and … Continue reading The Path to Value (general reflection)