Love Does Not Harbor (#CrownShine)

Okay, blame this one on Andy Stanley and his book Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free from the Four Emotions that Control You. I've only a few pages to go, and there's a ton to say...but for now, here is the point to ponder: As long as these four monsters grow unchecked in your heart, … Continue reading Love Does Not Harbor (#CrownShine)

A Tribute to Mama and Bonhoeffer

Deep down, I think we know why we share stories about people who are or have been important to us. It's not to recount an experience that comes to mind from a trigger word in a conversation. It's not just dates -- birthdays, holidays, anniversaries -- or smells or sights. But deep down, I think … Continue reading A Tribute to Mama and Bonhoeffer

Love Makes No Promises

Listen to the recording here. The evidence of love is the doing, not the saying. And we can't (or shouldn't) be so hungry to hear words that excite feelings that we will settle for not seeing love.  Matthew 5:33-37 exhorts us to keep it simple. Say yes. Say no. Don't swear by anything because we … Continue reading Love Makes No Promises