Farewell to The Queen Life

To my beloved royal community, This is to inform you that The Queen Life will dissolve. The content will remain, albeit under a new name and a slightly different mission.  At first, I stepped away from writing blog entries to make a series of short videos called #PrayerTools. You may find them on YouTube. When … Continue reading Farewell to The Queen Life

A Servant’s Song (#DearGiftedGirl)

Dear Gifted Girl,  Setting our faces like flint is not a defensive act of resilience. No. Setting our faces like flint is a response to the help of the Lord.  But the Lord God helps me; therefore I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I know that … Continue reading A Servant’s Song (#DearGiftedGirl)

Ready for… well, we don’t know (#reflection)

Beloved,  I heard a familiar verse referenced in a powerful sermon a couple of days ago. The verse is 1 Corinthians 2:9. I promise you, you know it. Verse 10 may be familiar to a few of us.  But, as it is written, "What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of … Continue reading Ready for… well, we don’t know (#reflection)

A Word for the Discontented Intercessor

Beloved co-laborers on the wall and in the gap,  The message I want to share I meant to originally convey by video, but with school deadlines upon me the time passed. Please forgive me for the delay, as I realized while meditating that many of you need this encouragement. Praise God for those of you … Continue reading A Word for the Discontented Intercessor

Acceptable Judgment

This thought hit me while reading for a school project. I must get my focus back, so let me clear this mind space and offer this thought.  Judgment is permissible in general and in faith communities.  judgment (n.): the process of forming an opinion or observation by discerning and comparing (Merriam-Webster) In our broader society … Continue reading Acceptable Judgment