IMG_4257More than calling and assignment, The Queen Life is my identity. I might reach a little further and call it every woman’s identity. The Queen Life is a metaphor for the gifted Christian woman’s spiritual growth. It is the description for her ascension: promotion and providence, providence and promotion through each set of processes. 

fascinating womanhood

kingdom queendom (royal ambassadors)

higher order living…

We find The Queen Life in our core — default character, first responses, and measuring the level of discipline in our thought lives. We assess ourselves first, make adjustments, and then make room for others coming alongside and behind us.

We pray fervently and with compassion for the release of Kingdom Queens in and out of the faith, and we make room and honor God’s men and pray for their total restoration within God’s order. We reign at the pleasure of the King, and learn to administer the Kingdom (righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Ghost) from our thrones or places of delegated authority.

We enter our 7th year with great joy and fear (reverence). This year belongs to us…lovely, feminine, royal, compassionate, safe, honorable, creative, prudent, nurturing, and FREE women. Are you ready for fruit? I know I am. Start at the beginning with Esther’s call, or lock step with us now as we determine to release concubines from captivity.

We are ever becoming the change we want to see and are seeing.

Distinctly royal, uniquely feminine…this is The Queen Life.

5 thoughts on “About The Queen Life

  1. Minister/Prophet Shaunta, I’m so grateful to God for what He is doing and how He is equipping you in His Word, wisdom, courage and boldness to share with Kingdom Queens in various states. I cannot wait from one call to the next to hear and be challenged to remain in my Kingdom Seat. May God continue to bless and equip you to do a greater work for Him.

  2. I give to our Lord Jesus glory and I thank him for woman like you,.May Jesus bless you for the great gift he give to you and may he add more woman like you in his kingdom

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