To my beloved royal community,

DSC_0209 (2)This is to inform you that The Queen Life will dissolve. The content will remain, albeit under a new name and a slightly different mission. 

At first, I stepped away from writing blog entries to make a series of short videos called #PrayerTools. You may find them on YouTube. When the school deadlines overwhelmed, I stepped away from the videos to invest in a Facebook page I created for a school project and kept open with the hope of exchange for leadership best practices for the local church (I still have that hope!). Should you choose, you may find me there with thought provoking posts and videos. The page is called Leadership Development with Shaunta Scroggins

All the while — about two years now — I prayed about what to do with The Queen Life. I was encouraged by the seemingly widespread attraction to the royal motif — crowns, posture, seating, authority, and more — from a spiritual perspective. Then I was saddened a bit by the commercial and surface-spiritual approaches to being “queens” in the Kingdom of God. I prayed and knew that I had to let The Queen Life go.

Our GGC Mission

Not too long ago, I held a soft launch for The Gifted Girls Collaborative (GGC). This is a community-driven initiative for five-talent female servants in the Kingdom of God. Note the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 for the scripture reference. Consider the GGC almost like a 2.0 version of The Queen Life. Our focus will be women in ministry, the marketplace, the arts, and more — all reflecting the manifold grace of God in His vast and diverse Kingdom.

As we transition to the new format, new name, and permanent initiative to help God’s people know God’s Word, stick with me. Please. Retain your subscriptions and let’s move forward together. If you must move on, then God’s true riches be yours in your joyous walk of faith. 

Thank you for eight years of Bible teaching calls, prayer calls, devotional series, teaching series, prayer clinics, and written works. Thank you for your support — reading the posts, sharing the posts, and using the content of the posts to minister to others. Thank you for maintaining integrity in your relationship with God’s Word. We are all better when we rightly divide. 

To the Lord of The Queen Life, I thank you for teaching me many lessons and for the privilege to serve your body. I pray I did not lose one that you allowed to walk with me, but that I may commend them all to you whole, no one missing, for the next part of the journey. 

Fare ye well, The Queen Life. We bore good fruit.

More soon, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Farewell to The Queen Life

  1. Because you are near & dear to my heart then Queen Life also became near & dear to my heart. I know that your relationship with our Lord & Savior is one of trust & obedience. So I know that this was God directed & I just pray that I will get to continue to see every place he continues to let your feet tread for those that need to see him. You are amazing & I pray blessings over you & every good & perfect gift be given to you in your time of transition!

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