Dearest Royal Ones, 

We get plenty of time — it depends how we look at and honor time, of course — to discover our purpose, and then to practice. The hesitation and the fear are the result of not making the most of the time we received.

This is to encourage us all to serve the purpose of the time. 

Public domain image. 

We love to quote it, but Ecclesiastes 3:1 is appropriate here.

There is an appointed time for everything.

And there is a time for every event under heaven— (NASB)

It took me a long while to get here, but hey, I understand now I needed the time. I asked and prayed for specific things without faith. I had to learn to allow the joys and pains of my call to manifest and work the Lord’s will in my life. I had to stop fighting against the time. 

There’s a time for every phase we have to encounter as part of life, and part of the call. Birth. Death. Plant. Uproot. Kill. Heal. Tear down. Build up. Weep. Laugh. Mourn. Dance. Throw Stones. Gather Stones. Embrace. Refrain from Embracing. Search. Give up as Lost. Keep. Throw Away. Tear Apart. Sew Together. Silent. Speak. Love. Hate. War. Peace. (vv. 2-8 NASB)

Soon, the curtains will open. Let’s not be caught scrambling for crucial pieces of equipment or begging for one more rehearsal. Let’s be ready. 

You know, we can process for only so long. At some beautifully random but strategic point, our Lord will come to collect His investment. He will provide the audience, or the funding, the location, or the exposure. He will do it all…because there is a TIME for everything. Let’s be ready to play.

Lights. Mic Check. Camera. ACTION!

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