Good day, Royal Ones.

A few thoughts rolled around this week and I want to share with you.pull-over

  1. Confession — I am flexible, therefore I am not bent out of shape.
  2. stubborn — (adj) mulish (unreasonably unyielding) or resolute (justifiably unyielding); difficult to handle; lasting (merriam-webster online)
  3. unyielding — (adj) not soft or flexible; having firmness or determination (merriam-webster online)

In meditation and reflection a prayer came up from my spirit. You know, it’s the opposite of one of those prayers that come from the mind. This prayer is not our idea. When we utter it, we are surprised at what we hear. And my prayer was, 

Lord, I don’t want to be the one in Your way of release in my life. 

Maybe this is not the case where you live, but where I live Christians talk a lot about awareness — of enemies, of devils and the demonic, of those who cannot be trusted or from whom we must separate. 

This is an exhortation to self-awareness in the presence of distraction outside of us. Disciples of Jesus learn to master INlook as well as OUTlook. 

I know we heard a word. I know we had a dream. I know we saw the vision…and we remain in pursuit of them all. BUT, let’s not be so dug in, so stubborn, so unyielding that we lack the flexibility to move. Let’s not act like some necessary separations did not hurt, or force us to slow down and think. Let’s stop pretending we are an affected when the last couple of moves took us back a bit. 

My pastor said it this way, “Don’t miss what God is saying because you’re stuck on what God said.” 

It is like God to test our love and obedience. (We do it too, but for different reasons.) It is like Him to show us how much we can handle. And in this time where manifestation of promises is so tangible we can smell it, hear it, taste it, feel it…we cannot be the obstacle in our own way. 

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Please consider yielding….not in faith, not to temptation, but to the living word of God in your ear. YIELD. Surrender. Bear. Bring forth. Produce, produce, produce…don’t try to deliver what is not in you. Many of us are wasting time and expectation. Let’s align with the Father. Let’s agree with Him, and the He’ll make the darkness light before us. He will open up our eyes and enlighten our souls to know His way. 

Selah, and love to all. 

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