Good day, Royal Ones.

Our midnight prayer focus covered the right posture of the fivefold ministry office gifts. Listen here.

prayer changeWe prayed the following from Psalm 1.

  • That the influential voices in their ear be godly counsel
  • That their presence around sinners brings transformation and witness to Truth, not compromise
  • That they take their rest in God, not in the seat of the scornful
  • That God remove the taste and appetite for unrighteousness, and replace it with a hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • That they take authority over their schedules and build in time for meditation to hear well
  • That they become stable “trees,” the planting of the Lord
  • That all scramblers in the second heaven and other obstructions to hearing be removed

Join us on the line for the next midnight prayer (Tuesday night, November 17th) — (641) 715-3580, access code 767-505.



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