Dear Gifted Girl,

It’s been a little while, yet you remain in my heart and prayers as we walk together on the Path to Reigning. For over a week now this phrase turns in my head and heart about you and me.

You are a beautiful anomaly.

ANOMALY: (noun) something that is unusual or unexpected. deviation from the common rule. something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified. (Merriam-Webster Online)

That about sums us up. These days differences are more pronounced — in belief, in behavior, in process, in manifestation, in belonging. People feel compelled to prove their point, and in that waste energy that their purpose requires. Anomalies draw attention without intention, and with that comes a responsibility — be and stay true to God’s design, and do not waver. And to each his/her own for their choice, and the results.

beautiful anomalyDo not fall prey to temptation’s call to breathe easy by fitting in. We are no chameleon. We are the uncommon grace in the unexpected package that breaks through restriction and limit. And there is beauty on it, in it and through it…our demonstration, that is.

Please stay encouraged. Your journey is particular to you, but the experience is common to all Gifted Girls. Someone somewhere knows the struggle to be…DIFFERENT the way God wired us…and to present that difference where He sets our thrones (home, ministry, or marketplace).

Stay encouraged and keep reigning well. Above all, believe in the BEAUTY on your difference. You, we, are the anomaly…and suffice it to say, we are crucial to this time for God’s people, God’s kingdom and a reflection of feminine grace in the earth.

Love you more than words can express….Selah.

Image: Beauty – Loren


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