Hi Ladies. Just a quick thought.

The sooner you can name your hyper-, the sooner you learn to manage it and it not control you.

Hyper-? Yes. Here’s the definition (Merriam-Webster Online).

above • beyond • super- • excessive • extreme

In casual speech, we can say about another sister that she’s “extra,”” “too much,” or that she’s “doing the most.” This is hyper-. There are parts of us that are literally excessive. We make these parts of us more than they are for various reasons.

We try to fit in. We try to be different. We try to make a point. We try to prove something. We try to prove we’re not proving something. And in trying to get our point across to others we can get caught up, make our point about their opinion, and become…


I want to urge you in your 20s to know where you go overboard…for attention or for reaction (depending on the context, these are different). Learn yourself. Do not allow this valuable decade dictate the culture’s expectation for you to blindly follow along. Get in the Kingdom and stay long enough to let the Father woo you and love you and teach you identity.

When-You-Say-I-Am-My-Too-MuchSubmit your “extra” to the Father. Allow Him to show you why you do what you do. Let Him place His grace on it, and make it ENOUGH. 

Love you younger sister. Selah.

Image: Too Much


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