We do not ascend to reign alone. That is, to think about just us, speak about just us, place value on just us, or act to serve just us. We imitate our Leader, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and, like the song says, reigns over all the earth. To remain enamored with crown, scepter and authority limits us to uselessness; we stand as figureheads, trophies of royalty without real merit.

But Esther…she is our model for expansion — of self, of emotion, of perspective. Her reign’s reach meets her people to save lives. Isn’t that powerful? God sets us in place to change lives!

cannot fail

Lisa Bevere says that women are not the problem but the answer. Our lives answer problems waiting for resolution. Dietrich Bonhoeffer makes the case that our best lives flow out of community, not isolation (Life Together, 1954). 

What if we reassess the “wrong” around us and then reassess ourselves as givers of the answer? 

What if we ask ourselves if

1. the place we want to escape,

2. the relationship we want to cut off, or

3. the cause we want to support but not really (meaning with half-hearted commitment)

is really the “such a time as this” reason God set the thing up?

I know it stretches belief to consider God’s absolute control in our lives, but yeah, what if the “growth opportunities” are a part of His master plan for our righteous reign? What if we believe He is God for us? The results would be astounding — of our courage, our willingness to act in the face of fear, and His presence with us throughout.

All hail the King! …love to all.

Concept from: Booher, D. (2001). The Esther effect: Seven secrets of confidence and influence. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group.

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