Good day to all.

It is rare that I sense a leading to release prophecy directly, yet today is the day.


TODAY, lift all of your cases (and not just legal cases) to the High Court of Heaven. Take your business high (in the spirit) and abandon your alternate plans. Your enemy has no case and your God stands ready to pardon and govern in these matters.

Approach God as judge, for He is also our advocate and defense.

Our plea: NO CONTEST. No contending in the flesh. No contention by the arm of the flesh.

For there is NO CONTEST between our God and our enemy.

A lesser spirit has no greater ground.


Our Father and Just Judge, choke the dragon’s fire of accusation against the brethren. Flip all strange fire offered to singe and injure us. Be our consuming fire, our wall of fire, the fire on the altar that never goes out. Be our defense, our shield, and our exceeding great reward.

Supernaturally grant the gift of faith for your sons and daughters to lift their cases before you today. Thank you for this opening. Thank you for this GAIN. Thank you for the manifestation.

Angels, go on the Word’s command and bring back the fruit of God’s judgment in our favor.

I agree with the saints today, in the name of our triumphant Jesus.




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