What good is all this we’re SEEING and HEARING (that we credit to Holy Spirit revelation) if we do not bring it into the light?

I do not mean platforms for hundreds, thousands or more. I do not mean the “world” or the masses.


I mean our parents, our true friends, fellow Kingdom queens, our good guy friends (brothers, many of them)… In other words, when is all that revelation going to 

liberate our most personal relationships

James 5:16 ends with one of our favorite parts of Scripture — that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. But look at how it begins…

Confess your faults (sins, offenses) one to another, pray for one another, that you may be healed

WOW. It’s time to bring that revelation into LIGHT and walk in true FELLOWSHIP with the Father and with those in our closest circles. Sit them down and challenge the emotional struggle by bringing it into LIGHT. Confess and ask for prayer, and let your heart be healed. 

With all the increase in spiritual things, I am certain Holy Spirit is also revealing to us how to improve and make more substantial contributions to our relationships. For once, I am convinced He’s just not talking to me. 

Selah, love to all…and take the risk. When you do, you’ll liberate your heart…and know real freedom.


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