Good day to all.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, July 1st at 8PM CENTRAL (9pm EST) for The Queen Life Teaching Call. Dial in at (862) 902-0241 and use access code 6360503. We will look at Tamar (both of them) and what happens when you are surprised with a situation that forces you to alter your life…when you say,

dressed up baby

Each of these ladies lived under a code, one of them a royal code. The men in their lives with authority did not respond properly, and they were left to navigate life in situations for which they never volunteered.

I know we can identify…BUT, the difference between them then and us now is covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. He came to set the captives free. In fact, He encourages us to stay free once we get free. 

Meet me on the line for this study time. It’s helped me in preparation…I know it will encourage some of you to reclaim your life in freedom (Jesus left the gate open. Your freedom was never far away.).

Love to all. 


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