Kingdom Queens,

I’ve been thinking about you and praying with/for you. It’s amazing to consider, especially in lonely moments, how many of us are making an impact through our obedience all over the world. Have you thought about your reach lately while

    • working on the web site?
    • negotiating the deal?
    • teaching, preaching, sharing?
    • focusing on and loving others?
    • serving?
    • being a mom, sister, wife, friend, and more?

Take a selah moment, and give our God great praise for His choice of us. Our obedience honors Him…and exalts Him…and when He is exalted, He draws people to Him. Isn’t that something how He’s using what He gave you to do it?

Be encouraged, and be grateful for the privilege to participate in God’s grand plan!

Just checking in on you to remind you of His choice, and your privilege.

Reign well, lovely ones. See you on the Path…


One thought on “Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!

  1. Great encouragement as usual! ! I am overwhelmed with joy as I think of the father’s choice for me to be part of his plans! !

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