“If you can’t get out of it, get into it!”

Who said this? By now, you’re getting to know me. Parker Palmer, page 84. This statement is about the inner life — the condition of our hearts, our emotions, our mental state, and so on.

We can’t escape it, so we have to delve into it. Let God introduce us to ourselves — first the ones we are portraying and then the one He made and prefers and wants the world to know (and in knowing us know Him).

An old song says, “Something on the inside is working on the outside. Oh what a change in my life!” Pastor Tamara Bennett says we shouldn’t keep looking for ways out and ways around, but instead, we should look for ways to get deeper. How else will we see what we say we want to see from God if we constantly try to run away? (my paraphrase)

Just a thought for today — if you’ve been trying to work around it, confess over it, speak to it, blah, blah, blah, and it’s not moving. If it makes you so uncomfortable that you think ignoring or denying it’s there will change it, then here’s a new thing: GET INTO IT. Get to the root of it. Gain the wisdom and understanding.

The gates of access you want to open may just be on the other side of this probe into your inner life. So, do the work in the inside of you and start seeing your outer life respond in kind.

Love to all.


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