Click here to listen: Living Supplication

We looked a little closer at Hannah’s prayer, and at our external and internal Peninnah. Wow! Kingdom Queens, let’s learn to pray for ourselves, to invest the kind of time and energy (fervent prayer) and effort (study, fasting, preparation) in ourselves that we invest in intercession for others.

Let’s not blame others or be mad with God because others do not give back to us or pour back into us like we pour out for them. Remember, the Lord Himself is the portion of the Levite. When it’s just us and God, then we still have an audience.

Let’s shake off the lie that as a praying person we are clueless about how to approach God for ourselves.

Let’s turn the volume down on Peninnah’s voice, and hold on to prayer.

Oh, and listen to the teaching when you can. (smile) Blessings to all.


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