prelude–performance, action or event preceding and preparing for a more important matter

In this season of “greater” where declarations of promotion explode in the spirit realm, we are on track to learn from Esther why God promotes us and gives us that “greater”.

Proverbs 18:12–Before destruction (affliction, breach) the heart of man is haughty (lifted up, soar), and before honor (the weight of glory) there is humility (gentleness, abase self, depression).

There is a prelude to the destruction that divides and causes a breach; it is the haughty or proud heart. There is also a prelude to receiving the weight of God’s glory, and it is depression. Yes, I said depression–less of you and me to make room for “greater”. (See Esther’s Call I for the understanding on the brillo pad.)

In 7 days we begin the next part of our journey on the path to reigning. Join us the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, beginning May 1st.

Esther’s Call II
8PM Central
(218) 862-6400
Access Code 6360503



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