Welcome to another month of weekly blogs on the Path.

Starting tomorrow, we continue to look at purpose management. This month, though, we address it from the perspective of the “gifted girl.”  That is you and me.

People who benefit most from our “gifts” call us all sorts of things—great, wonderful, mountain-mover, and so on. Most of the time they mean to compliment us. Other times, they mean to manipulate us to give just a tad bit more…yes, more than the 200% we give now.

Our responses and reactions vary. We may suffer silently and implode. Or, we may suffer silently and once we recognize implosion, we explode. Some of us refuse to suffer and explode right away, while others of us refuse to suffer but decide to not do “that” again. Whatever “that” is, it causes too much “trouble.”

I want to encourage us in these next few weeks with reminders that our purpose is present to manage and to SHARE. My hope is that we catch ourselves apologizing for our God-given and inherited abilities to do ALL the things we are GIFTED to do…and then stop. No more hiding the gifts, Gifted Girl. Instead, let’s become more skillful, more efficient, and learn to multiply them for God’s glory.

Your purpose belongs…to God, to You, and to Others. Your purpose is an Answer, not a problem.

We continue walking tomorrow. Join us on the Path to Reigning.


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