This series on David proved VERY interesting… There is a lot in the scripture if we will seek. I asked Abba to help us get into the mind of David when we see him in 1 Samuel 25, and He’s done just that. In the first call we looked at Samuel’s history and his significance to David…and the grief David may have felt when Samuel died. This is how the chapter opens…with an announcement that the prophet Samuel died and Israelites mourned. …and David returned to the wilderness.

What did you do when the significant voice in your life was removed (by death or other means)? If you’re like me, then sometimes and in certain situations, you still grieve their absence and wish for their counsel…and wonder what they might say to you today. Now we can be sensitive to David…this was under the surface of his reaction to Nabal.

In the second call we examined Saul closely and learned he was a hasty man who made rash vows. His sabotage attempts on David progressed to persecution. David was in the wilderness because he ran from Saul. His life in danger. He lived on the edge emotionally and mentally, at the pleasure of an insecure figurehead (Saul). This too, is a factor in David’s response to Nabal’s refusal. Can you imagine this kind of internal pressure? [Some of you can…I know it.]

In this last call, we will focus on the encounter between David and Abigail — when this mentally fatigued, emotionally spent and anointed king-to-be meets a woman of good understanding. Anger meets wisdom. Intensity meets entreaty. Pride and entitlement meet extreme humility. Then, there’s a change. A conversion. An opening of the eyes. David’s eyes…and he hears her, then heeds her words. Mission accomplished! Lives saved! Forthcoming kingship in tact.

I hope this is blessing you like it is me…God is making me a woman of good understanding: wise, discreet, prudent, intelligent and circumspect. I love him for what He reveals in these calls. The word is alive in me…Amen!



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