hello all…

scepter graphicafter years of supporting and pushing others, i’m finally doing this “thing” for myself – creating a dangerously honest forum for myself. this is not a rant. this is not a bashing. this is my place to introduce you to my journey in “the queen life.”

“the queen life” was born in my study of Esther chapter 2. i started to see how my various processing mirrored that of Esther in her divinely guided series of experiences to become queen. i. am. queen. maybe you can’t see it right now, but that is truth.

a web site is coming. but, it seems more fitting to begin with a blog…that is, after all who i am – a gigantic collection of words and word pictures. i hope at the very least, you are inspired to embrace the queen in you that is called to the outside. and in that, accepting that our flaws become very public in our ascending. people will see and call out those things we know so deeply to be wrong with us. and then there is God – who shows us unconditional love in the face of scouring purification rites and correcting and critical voices. it is all part of the ascension…

i invite you to read my accounts of revelation and raw emotion… it is sure to be interesting.



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