Leah’s Boys (Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah)

Good day, Royal Ones!

This is a follow-up to the last post about Levi and Judah (click here to read). It’s an introduction to a train of thought developing in me for several months. As with other “series” of entries, these posts will be layered truths.

Line upon the line, I believe Holy Spirit wants to REFINE  & truly define TRIBAL IDENTITIES so we function according to His intention…and with optimal efficiency and results. 

Levi is Jacob’s third son. His mother is Leah, the unloved and unwanted one. But God opened her womb and made her fruitful. Get familiar with the graphic below — it’ll help us along the way. And, it’s just good to know all of Jacob’s sons…thus, all the names of Israel’s tribes.

12 sons of Jacob

Image: 1.bp.blogspot.com

The foundation to our layers of understanding is LEAH’S REJECTION. She named each son for her condition in Jacob’s family and desperate prayer to God for his love. Birthing sons increased her honor and value, so she declared through the names of these first four sons that she was guaranteed Jacob’s love and affection.


And Leah conceived, and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben: for she said, Surely the LORD hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me. Genesis 29:32

Leah said, “God sees my affliction and rewards me with a son. Jacob will love me now.”


And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Because the LORD hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore given me this son also: and she called his name Simeon. Genesis 29:33

Leah said, “God sees how Jacob hated me and rewards me with a son.”


And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Levi. Genesis 29:34

Leah said, “After three sons, Jacob will want to attach himself to me and be my companion.”


And she conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I praise the LORD: therefore she called his name Judah; and left bearing. Genesis 29:35

Leah said, “Four sons! I will praise God now because my position in this family as the first wife and mother of all sons makes me worthy.”

This train of thought began with a leading to study out Judah’s life to understand our human frailties and limited understanding when we hear “Judah means praise!” in our local churches. Knowing the nature of Judah the man, and how Judah the tribe fared, then the nation…we see better how praise is more than the simple declaration. We see how praise is not the sole “key,” but our weakness in praise leads us to self-awareness and God-consciousness. 

Then, the idea expanded after a dream I believe I saw for the church. We’ll introduce the dream and take a closer look at Levi in the next entry. 

Selah, and love to all. 

Levi and Judah, Prepare Your Swords (intro)

Kingdom greetings to all!

It’s been a busy several weeks, and more to come once classes begin. But, I’ve got a small window to “clear my mind” of the most recent thoughts…

What started as a study on Judah the man (you know, Leah’s 4th son to Jacob) to gain prophetic clues about the real weakness of our praise (and hence, its real power) opened a gate to Levi, minstrels, and the coming seduction of Shechem. 

Essentially, minstrels are more than musicians. Psalmists are more than singers. The Levitical tribe has the task to protect and attend to the house of God. 

Immediately I saw the connection between Levi (and even Simeon), Judah, and this popular push toward praise in our local churches. This is going to be a series of blogs that will help us all, I believe, toward the end goal of POWER PRAISE. 

It cannot be manufactured through weakness, but a true understanding of weakness, engineered childhood trauma and God’s grace on a life dedicated to His service lead us to the humility, awareness and proper receipt of His work in us. And the yield is truly “His praises continually in our mouths.”

We’ll grow together in this one as well. Hope you’ll join us and share the entries with those you know who serve in Levi and Judah assignments. 

Be well, my beloved Royal Ones. 

Un-Bundled (reflection)

Good day, Royal Ones. 

I’m working on a series of entries on Judah (man – tribe – nation), and came upon a verse in today’s reading. This is just something to think about, and “prove” the scripture includes some conditions we experience but do not mention because of the ridicule and harsh responses.

Now therefore, when I come to your servant my father, and the lad is not with us, since his life is bound up in the lad’s life, it will happen, when he sees the lad is not with us, that he will die.

Genesis 44:30-31a NKJV (Chronological Bible)

This is the story of Joseph, in the phase of life where he’s past pit and prison. He is now the governor of Egypt and overseeing rations during the predicted seven years of famine. His brothers come and bow before him to ask for grain…and the prophetic vision from his teen years is now fulfilled. But they bring Benjamin, the brother by his mother Rachel he did not know existed. And he wants to keep him for the brothers to bring Jacob back.

At this point he has yet to reveal his true identity to his brothers.

Genesis 44:18-34 is where Judah intercedes Benjamin. He tries to persuade this Egyptian authority (really his brother Joseph, but he doesn’t know it yet) to let Benjamin come home with him. His intercession is twofold really — for the youngest brother Benjamin and for their father Jacob.

[Just so you know, Judah’s intercession is successful. Joseph reveals himself, reunites and reconciles with his brothers and sends them all back to return with the entire family — Jacob, the kids, the grandkids, the great grandkids, and all the animals.]

THE POINT OF THIS POST: It is possible to have our lives so tied up in another after tragic loss that the idea of losing this person can bring us back to trauma, this time to the point of death. Jacob thought Joseph was dead all these years. Joseph was his favored son, the only son by the woman he loved — Rachel. And Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. So all Jacob’s hope and life was tied to Benjamin being alive and well and creating a succession line with children of his own. 

Judah asks for Benjamin to return with all the brothers because Jacob’s life is bound up in Benjamin’s life, and if the brothers return without Benjamin Jacob could die of inconsolable grief.

Judah Pleads With Joseph

Judah pleads with Joseph for Benjamin. Image: files.children-safe-site.webnode.com

THE HOPE: We have the benefit of the entire story, but if we put ourselves in Judah’s shoes, then we have no way of knowing that Joseph intends to let them all live. We see the real threat of our father dying of a broken heart because of the death of the two sons by the wife he loved and wanted. So we petition the governor for the release of Benjamin to spare the life of Jacob. 

In Jacob’s shoes, yes we have all the sons Leah and her maid birthed, but Joseph and Benjamin mean more because we had them with Rachel. And with guilt and grief still lingering years later about Joseph’s death, Jacob places all his hopes for Joseph on Benjamin. 

It is possible to be so closely tied to the memory of one person, that we place all our hopes and expectations on the next person. Our lives get bundled up in their lives, and we may die (emotionally or spiritually…and maybe, naturally) if they come to harm or early ruin. 

The benefit we have today is the finished work of Christ on our behalf. We are children of the bondwoman, but children of the free woman (see Galatians 4). And we can be un-bundled from the grief, the guilt, and the memories that shackle us to create unhealthy bonds with those who come later. 

Please think about it if this applies to you. Pray for this threefold cord to be broken in your soul. 

  1. guilt
  2. grief
  3. memories and shattered hopes

Allow Holy Spirit to bring healing and new life, as well as clear vision to look on the Benjamin-people in your life. Let Him bring health to these relationships, so they do not buckle under the weight of expectation you had for Joseph. And, so you can live in the liberty of Christ (see Galatians 5:1) and love Benjamin for who he is and the role he plays in your life now. 

SELAH…and love to all.